Dog Training Center Facility | Canine Guidance Center


3,000 square feet indoor space.

Lots of room for many members of the pack to play, relax, and rest. Fresh water is always available. The plants we have removed many things from the environment with oxygen being crated naturally. We use LED plant lights. We clean with biodegradable plant based products. Just ask for our recipe. Cleaned better and does no harm to the planet. All of our building materials have be recycled. CGC is way ahead for the next generation in being Green. Members of our pack have no need for crates. Big comfy dogs beds and open clean space to chill and think about how good it is to be me.

Fiona Campbell – Restaurateur Bronxville, N.Y.

My young German shepherd mix Zoey went crazy when she saw other dogs; it was like she was afraid. Since sending her to Canine Guidance Center with an experienced animal trainer and his pack she has improved so much. She goes to day classes now and plays well with others. We are very happy finding Canine Guidance Center.

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