Our Testimonials


Charles and Barbara

"You know your dog is in good hands when he rushes out into the hallway all excited to great his caretaker. And then happily trots off with him, not even turning around to say goodbye to you! That’s how it is when Robert Spencer comes to pick up Smokey for a stay while we go out of town. Body language says everything. We can easily see that Smokey feels happy and secure in Spencer’s hands. And he always returns home happy, exhausted (from all the playtime) and in good shape. Putting your dog under Spencer’s care while you go off to have fun truly is a “win-win.”"


Bridget F., New York City – Freelance Graphic Artist

"Phinn has been going to the Canine Guidance Center since he was at least 6 months old. I first saw Robert while walking Phinneas in Central Park while he was playing with his pack. I LOVED what I saw. I signed Phinn up the next day. Two years later, Phinn sleeps by the front door waiting for mornings to be picked up. They go swimming, running and play all day while I grow my freelance business. It’s a true win-win! I do not know what I do would do without CGC. The proof is when he gets picked up in the morning, he is so excited and runs to join his pals. Thank you CGC."


Lauren T., Bronxville

"The guys at Canine Guidance Center love for what they do it is easy to see. When the doorbell rings, Cody is the first one at the door — he knows when CGC has arrived to pick him up. Cody looks forward to his days with CGC and the pack: running and playing free and, usually outside, with his pack. They believe in the power of the pack and for letting dogs be free in their environment. Not only has Cody’s behavior improved so much but they train him and work on his specific issues. We love that Cody is healthy, happy and tired at the end of the day!!"


Tara Regan – SVP, Client Services

"My 9-year-old chocolate lab, Toblerone (Tobes), and I met the owner of Canine Guidance Center, the day we moved into our new apartment on the UWS 7 years ago. We have established a great relationship, especially given my sometimes challenging work and travel schedule. I always know Toblerone will be in great hands and will receive love, affection, and plenty of exercises during the group’s outings. Even in the rare instances when Tobes has been ill, he has been given extra attention and care, and I have received great recommendations from Canine Guidance Center to help him get well. Whenever he is picked up, he greets us with bounding energy and lots of kisses-I always know he will be taken care of and have a great, fun day!"


Becky Lewin – Occupational therapist / New Mom, N.Y.

"At CGC, the animal behaviorist has been boarding and taking our dog, Stella, for training/day classes since she was a puppy. She absolutely loves him. CGC looks after the dogs he works with as if they were his own. Stella looks forward to her day classes with great excitement and always comes home happy and tired. When Stella is with CGC we know she is safe, consistently monitored and having a great time! CGC was also helpful in providing suggestions to help Stella adjust to a baby in the house."


Wendy Kreidler – Network Sales Account Executive

"My 7 year old Chocolate Lab Coco has been going to Canine Guidance Center for day classes and boarding since she was a young puppy. The extra care they have given to Coco’s physical, mental, and special needs has been above and beyond. She goes swimming, hiking, and loves running and playing with all her dog friends in the huge open indoor space. I highly recommend them!"


Fiona Campbell – Restaurateur Bronxville, N.Y.

"My young German shepherd mix Zoey went crazy when she saw other dogs; it was like she was afraid. Since sending her to Canine Guidance Center with an experienced animal trainer and his pack she has improved so much. She goes to day classes now and plays well with others. We are very happy finding Canine Guidance Center."

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