Dog Training

40 Years of Experience

With forty years of experience working with dogs along with a good education in the science of animal behavior, the best is the love of doing what I do. Seeing behavioral changes overnight and seeing happy dogs along with their owners just make it all good for me. Most of the time it is just a simple disconnect between family members. If it is more than that, behavior changes and time in my experience make things right always. Let us set up an in-home evaluation and turn things around for the better of everyone.

From puppies at three weeks of age (yes, at three weeks breeders should start training puppies) to older dogs. Yes, we  can all learn new tricks. To adoptions that usually come with some baggage that we can get rid for much better luggage. It is New York City. Any training issues what so ever, let us start setting things better. Just read what everyone else is saying about their experience with CGC and why they have been with us for years.

Becky Lewin – Occupational therapist / New Mom, N.Y.

At CGC, the animal behaviorist has been boarding and taking our dog, Stella, for training/day classes since she was a puppy. She absolutely loves him. CGC looks after the dogs he works with as if they were his own. Stella looks forward to her day classes with great excitement and always comes home happy and tired. When Stella is with CGC we know she is safe, consistently monitored and having a great time! CGC was also helpful in providing suggestions to help Stella adjust to a baby in the house.

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